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teacher: Vicki A Davis

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What on Earth am I here for? "The Purpose Driven Life" written by Rick Warren answers this question and many more of life's little questions we ponder everyday. Warren wrote this book for a forty day journey to become closer to God and to understand your true purpose in life. The book explains exactly why God created you and that you are not an accident. God has a plan for everyone. Rick Warren puts Bible scriptures throughout the book. At the end of each chapter you have a Point to Ponder, Verse to Remember, and a Question to Consider. Throughout the chapter it gives you small quotes to look at. Each section or "Purpose" is a reason you were put on Earth such as "What on Earth am I here for," "You were planned for God's pleasure,"and "You were Formed for God's Family. "The Purpose Driven Life is an excellent book at will help the reader to understand why God wanted them here.

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i'm active in my church's youth group. school is not my favorite. i like photography and argyle.