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Article posted May 10, 2012 at 12:57 AM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 1103

I just read Tiffany’s blog about her holiday and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it because I really like how she tells the important parts not the details. When she says” On holiday,I went to Nanjing with my family. On the train there I read a book called . My brother was sleeping on the train. After we arrived,we went to the hotel and unpacked our luggage. Then we went to my grandparent’s house. We ate dinner together and watched TV together. Later we went back to hotel and slept.” she only explained the important parts not the details. I could connect to a time I had a Holiday. July 4th

“BOOM.” I jumped in excitement. “DAD COULD WE GO TO CIRCLE PARK TO SEE THE FIREWORK!” I yelled. “Ok.” my dad replied. We all ran to the park. “BOOM!” As we ran we saw a trillions of people. Under my voice I said “ move it people little guy coming through.” I ran and saw millions of lights.

“ dad next year could we do fireworks”

“ sure”

I watch as the fireworks lighted the sky. We watched as our eyes grew wider and wider. The fireworks were like jumping stars exploding into beautiful light. The lights started to fade, everyone went home. We all went home and had the best dream ever.

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Article posted April 26, 2012 at 03:42 PM GMT0 • comment (6) • Reads 204

Places to visit in NY

Hi my name is Anshul! In NY I suggest seeing the Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Time Square. These are amazing places I recommend.

At the Empire State building you see a huge building. The sun always hurt my eyes because of how tall the Empire State is. When you enter it’s five house wide! And when you try to go up, never take the stairs, I suggest taking the elevator, it will take a hour if you go up the stairs. When you reach the top and look outside it’s really nice. You could see all the building’s. It’s better to go at sunset.

I also suggested the Statue of Liberty. First you walk to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge, Then when you look out in the water you see the Statue of Liberty. It’s all green, like lime. and holding a torch that’s yellow, like lemons. Also there is a book in her hand. The Statue of Liberty is like beauty in the ocean.

And I suggest Time Square. In Time Square there are many, and many lights. It has many stores, anywhere you go stores are surrounding you. Something special in Time Square is when it is 12:00 midnight, and, BOOM! The ball drops for the New Year. Every year we watch the ball drop it was so much fun!

If you ever get time to go to NY, these places are the best places to go to. The Empire State, Statue of Liberty, and Time Square are the best places in NY.

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Bud not Buddy

By: Christopher Paul Curtis


Families will always care for you. They are the people you lean against during your problems. In the story Bud not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis it shows a story of a young boy named Bud who is searching for his lost family. Unfortunately Bud never got to experience what its like to have a family. Luckily a family arrived and adopted him. At first he was as happy as can be but then as he started to realize he’d be leaving the only people that cared about behind. He tried to convince his new family to bring Bug but they strictly disagreed.

When Bud arrived to his new house. He me a young boy names Toddy. His new parents thought he was a very well mannered and roper boy but . . . . . unfortunately he was mischievous and a unmannered child on the inside never revealing his dark side to his parents. Toddy always blamed all the things he did on Bud. As a result Bud got punished and for his punishment they put him in a shed full of bats and bugs. It was so scary you’ll just gape about how scary and creepy it is. Bud then left the place. He knew this was not his family

Bud was meandering around looking for his family. As he was walking he met this man Mr.Calico. Mr. Calico found him hiding and was going to take him to his family. Mr.Calico figured out that Bud dad was Herman Callway. Bud was going to soon his family.Before reaching to Herman he wanted to give Bud some breakfast. When Bud went to his house, there Mr.Calico had one son and one daughter and Mrs.Calico. Bud wasn’t used to how they ate there dinner. They all talked so haphazardly. When they went back driving Mr.Calico met Herman.

Bud was soon going to have a new family. He was ecstatic about going back to his family. When Bud was there he met Herman Callway, Miss. Thomas, Lefty Louis, and the rest of the band. Herman kept on saying that Bud was not his father.Bud kept on saying I'm your son I'm your son. Then one day Herman was sitting on the table with Miss Thomas. He asked Bud his mother. Bud then glowered at him and said her name and said she died. Herman sat still surprised. He ran so fast and shut the door. Everyone was still then Lefty Louis asked for a picture of her. Bud nodded and went to get the picture. As he entered he didn’t want Herman to notice.When he bringed down the picture Bud put it at the center of the center of the table. Miss.Thomas said he’s not your father but is your Grampa. Bud was very morose about Herman being his Grampa.Then Miss.Thomas was crying a little too so was Lefty Louis.

Bud then heard a knock on the door. It was the whole band. When they came Bud was not going to say saying he didn’t want to embarrass Herman and Miss Thomas, and Lefty Louis are crying.Then the band was holding a silver case. Bud knew it was a instrument. Bud rapidly opened it but then couldn’t open it fully so Steady Eddie opened it. It was a golden saxophone. Bud was amazed.Steady Eddie said he’ll come back to teach lesson only if he clean his instrument fast. And Bud started cleaning it. Bud had found his family

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The Legend: There was a earthquake and this dragon was born from this special rock that holds the first dragon born.

Jake was finally nine so he could get a dragon. he wanted to get the dragon because it will help him and he will have fun training with it.One day in Dragon world Jake started climbing Mt. Draco, he thought, I am going to get the best , awesome, evil, looking Dragon. It’s going to be the best fighter .Better then Sprints and his gang, they always made fun of him or annoyed him. Jake finally reached the top. He checked to make sure that there was nothing dangerous around ,by citing the area like a hawk after its prey, finally he spotted a dragon. But before he picked it up, people started storming into the cave trying to pick up all the good dragons. After everyone ran out with smiles on their faces, Jake had his head held down and one trickling tear down his cheek. Jake took one more look at the cave . He saw one more dragon left and thought ,There is no Dragon that looks really strong, there’s just this little Dragon , not this big fierce, evil looking Dragon, its this puny, little Dragon. Jake sighed. Jake took the Dragon and went.

Sprint said “ That is the weakest Dragon I ever saw ” Sprint laughed so hard. Jake opened his mouth but no sound came out. Jake looked at Sprints Dragon. It looked really fierce. It’s not like Jake could change time. He had to live with this Dragon. So Jake stayed back so they don’t get into some fight.

Jake went home. Even though this was a weak Dragon he was still wondered about what type this Dragon is. Jake went to his closet. Jake opened a Dragon’s book to see what the Dragon type was. It didn’t have it. Then Jake remembered. The LEGENDARY Dragon book! Jake ran to the closet. He took it out and... Jake coughed. “So much dust”. He took all the dirt off and looked. He looked and looked and when he turned to the last page he read. This name is called a SlitherBack. It is a very rare, fierce, fighter. It can go faster then anything in the whole world. If you are a lucky one you may find this. It will be harder if it is small because it really doesn’t know that much. It would be easier if you have a fully grown SlitherBack. Jake already knew he had a small one so it was going to be hard. He read the rules of how to train the Dragon.

How to Train the Dragon

Step one: Teach it the basics first, like sit or roll over (if does not response use a snack)

Step two: Next teach it to fly

Step three: Teach it to catch fish or stick

Step four: Practice speed

Step five: Make sure at the end of these steps try telling it to breath Fire.

P.s. SlitherBack’s are fast learners with fire so don’t worry

Jake saw his Dragon’s eyes open. Jake went near him. Jake took him outside to play.Jake thought the name Blaze suited him. “come on Blaze sit sit” Blaze didn’t do anything. “ Come on boy, sit” Blaze did not sit. Then Jake took some Dragon snacks. “Sit”. Blaze sat. Jake was relived.

Jake looked at Step two. Step two: Next teach it to fly. Jake was not sure if Blaze was ready to fly but he just did it anyway. “Fly”. Blaze couldn’t do it. Even by the look in his eye he knew he did not know what fly even meant. Jake showed a example by flapping his arms. So Blaze did the same thing but could not do it. Jake thought Maybe his wing are not strong enough. So Jake and Blaze were flapping for the whole day. By the next week Blaze was souring through the sky.

Jake looked at the next step. Step three: Teach it to catch fish or a stick. Jake wanted to start with a stick because he thought it would be easier. So Jake threw the stick. “ Go get it” Blaze sat still. He was confused.

Jake ran and got the stick and ran back to show Blaze a example. Jake threw the stick. “Go get it” Blaze ran and got the stick and gave it back to Jake.It started getting late so they went to bed.

The next day they went again to train. Jake looked at the book. Step five: Make sure at the end of these steps try telling it to breath Fire. Jake said to the Dragon “ breath fire” Blaze did not do anything. Jake thought How am i going to show a example of breathing fire. Jake tried his best. For some reason the Dragon breathed fire. But then Jake remembered that it said that SlitherBacks learn breathing fire fast.

Jake and Blaze were training for 2 months. Blaze was perfect at everything. Jake was playing with Blaze when something in the book happen. The book was TALKING. it said “ The orb was stolen from the GREAT KING. It must not be returned. GIVE IT NOW! A hand came reaching out and tried getting Jake. But luckily the Dragon breathed fire on the book. Jake had no idea what was happening when... The Dragon said “Jake, I am here to protect you. There is monsters and creatures around you that will capture you. They are thinking that you have stole the orb. Jake careful when you wonder now.” Jake was so shocked that his Dragon could talk he could not even say one word. Jake then said to himself It’s just a dream It’s just a dream. “ It’s not a dream Jake” the dragon said. How does he read my mind. “ SlitherBack types could read minds. It was right in the book. It’s just that it is not visible to most humans eyes.Come with me to the Dragons Kingdom” Blaze said. Jake wondered where is the Kingdom? “Don’t worry it won’t be that far.” “ Could you really stop reading my mind.” “Fine, it’s just that you wonder so much about problems and it’s interesting, (Sometimes)”

Blaze said “go on my back” “your back’s not ” Jake was cut off and Blaze said “I almost forgot if you understand me then you probably could see where the kingdom is, here just concentrate and then look.Even though in the beginning i looked like I was not smart I’m actually very intelligent, I just don’t want to make it obvious to show i am so intelligent and i am a baby. People really should not know that i am super smart. Then they will be curious about us and try to capture us and take us somewhere. Jake got on his back ,then started to go

When they reached there it was amazing. He came to the great Dragon. Jake studied the Dragon then knew it was the same type as Blaze. Jake walked up to the Dragon. “Welcome, Jake you will need this sword to battle creatures. it will be important, here take it.” Jake stared at the sword. He had never was given to have a sword. Jake took it, then they left. Jake had to get the orb back!Then Jake wondered who would take it,then they went home.

The next day Jake went to get his sword. Jake then started to go to school. When he was walking he made sure he had his Dragon, Blaze. I should have brought him here. I don’t know what could be next. Jake still knew he had his sword. Jake kept on walking when... a unknown creature popped up saying “ Give the orb” “I don’t have it I’m just a boy why would i have such a powerful orb” “TELL ME WHERE THE ORB IS.” Jake took out his sword and almost killed the creature. Then it said “ I will get you” and then the creature went away. Jake was thinking what was the type of creature was it Blaze.I feel it was some type of ghost or maybe. Before Jake could finish his sentence Blaze said “ It was a mix of ghost and vampire.” Jake was so excited inside him. He was now safe because he has the Dragon. Finally they reached school.

The next day was when Jake would have to find the orb. Now he knew that the creatures want it because it is so powerful. It was Saturday, the weather was perfect. Jake left with his sword in his pocket and some water and sacks because Jake thought this was going to take a long time. He also had a navigator to track down the orb.They started running.

Jake got out his navigator. It first was pointing right so we kept going right for a long time when it said turn left, we were in forest. Then something popped up out of nowhere. Blaze said “ This is a spirit keeper. It holds souls.” Jake got terrified, he did not want to be dead. But he went anyway. He charged at the spirit keeper but it did not work because then he notice that was not the right one. He could some how see the real one and charged at it. Jake sliced it and then also notice THE DRAGON DID NOTHING TO HELP but Jake didn’t talk about it. They kept on walking.

They were walking and then saw this guy holding something shinny. Jake noticed it was the orb.Jake and his Dragon went and caught the guy but the guy was so fast. “ My name is crusher or called... The-person-of-destroying-life-guy.” Jake just thought this guy was weird. But he didn’t care he swished his sword when a sword came out crusher’s of his hat. He whacked but Jake blocked it and Jake swished but he blocked it, Jake did a move that was rare to do but he tryed. “Ahhhhh” and the guy died. Jake took the orb.

Jake went to the kingdom and returned the orb. “Here, your sword” said Jake“keep it.” The Dragon placed the orb in this pillow and put the orb the Dragon’s Palm and made everything light back up and gave powers back to the Dragons. Jake then left and then went home for bed. Jake couldn't wait for the next adventure.

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Hopes and Dream

We are making hopes and dreams because we are starting to get a new year. This also encourages us to achieve our goal because we want to try to get better at our goals we set

My goals were to play basketball a better reader and be a better writer. I couldn't achieve being a really good basketball player but i achieve of making 3 shots in a row. However i still didn’t do 30 minutes of practice every weekend.

I couldn't achieve the goal because i was always doing some work or sometimes we go some where. Sometimes I go to play at my friends house or when i go to my uncles and sleep there for the night.

My other goal was to be a better reader. I try to read every day 30 min but i didn't achieve that. I really am used to reading 30 min on the weekdays.Then was, i try to read one level higher i don’t do that sometimes i read too high of a level.Last was trying to read interesting books, i don’t pick interesting books.

I really am used to reading 30 min on the weekdays on weekend i have fun and then i don’t read.when i said my goal was to read one level higher, i don’t read one level higher book, i read too high level books. And last but not least, picking interesting books are hard because there are not that good books, usually the high leveled books are interesting.

I am going to try to reach all of these goals. I think i need to try to think about my goals not just forget about it. This is my Hopes and Dreams!


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We used to have panthers on Long Island. Now we don’t because when the humans settled here they killed all the panthers. The thing that changed was in Long Island when all the panthers got killed was that there were to many deer here, this killing ruined the food chain. We could have not survived with panthers living here because they also eat humans so we would all die from these panthers.     


 Here is a description of the panthers habitat and food web. The black panther’s habitats are the rainforest, marshland, woodlands, swamps, savannahs, and even mountains and deserts. The black panther eats birds, monkeys, fish, rodents, deer, and antelope. And the major enemy of the panther was a tiger. 


                                                                                            Black Panther


Machine generated alternative text:

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The Trip to New Hampshire

We woke up at 5:00 and started to go in the car. Once we were in, my dad started the engine and drove off. We drove and drove and drove and drove and drove.We stopped at a lake to look at it and plus it was fresh water so we drank from it.Then we started seeing mountains, mountains on the right and the left and every where else. We went up and down and up and down and up and down, it started to feel like a roller coaster. We all looked outside it was all really nice. i just couldn't wait till we get to the hotel=http://!!! I asked “how long is this going to take” “5 more minutes.” But the time went flying by while i was having fun in the car we soon reached to our hotel.

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The important thing about Anshul is that he loves sports.


He has many legos.


He loves watching wrestling.


He likes playing with his friends.


He likes to skateboard.


He likes playing on the video games.                              


And likes going outside.


But the important thing about Anshul is that he loves sports.

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Hopes and Dreams


My hopes and dreams are to be a better basketball player. I want to make at least 3 shots in a row. I want to practice every morning. I need to play on the weekend. About thirty minutes or more I have to play.


My next hopes and dreams is being a better reader. I want to read every night, thirty min at least. I will try to read one level higher. I want to try to get interesting books.


My next hopes and dreams is to be a better writer. I want to write more detail in my writing. I have to write three days a week. Or I could write at least a page. Instead of writing words I know I want to use better vocabulary.


I’m going to work hard to complete my goals.


By Anshul


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