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Grade 6/7

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teacher: Mrs. Markwart

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1. "Stopping war" because we are wasting millions and millions of dollars to get equipments for the war to kill more people. Which we could use for finding a cure for cancers and on improving the environment.

2. "STOP POLLUTING" there is a ton of way you people are polluting Earth including light pollution.

3."Treat everyone the same" Did you know that while you are at home watching television sitting on the couch there is people dying because while we are having a good life they don't have any electricity so they are cold secondly they don't have any shelter so they have to sleep on the ground. Finally while we get anything we want they get nothing but I am sure that if they even found five dollars on the ground they would share the money with lots of people that are starving.

4."Stopping racism" Racism is another cause of wars. So if you don't want to be called racist names then don't say names to other people from other countries to make them feel unwelcomed.

5."Unite as one" If we all worked together we would be able to reach more things in life than doing stuffs alone.

6. "Leave Utopia for our children" We should all leave utopia for our children. If only that could happen. A perfect place to live with no war, no social problems, no political problems. Who am I kidding theese thing will never happen because of you people. At school our teachers tells us to try to make new friends but you adults aren't even following your own advice. You guys are fighting for whatever cause. Did you guys ever hear a word called "compromise". If you didn't hear that word then you guys didn't listen to your teacher when you were young.
I know that all of you are smart enough to "compromise" but why aren't you guys doing so.

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