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by jayci teacher: Mrs. Markwart
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Make a difference...

1. By "Stopping War." Because of thousands of people dying because of arguments, fights etc. War is not good,
especially the population constantly going down. We should all agree to stop the war, and this goes for
the racism going on as well. Racism is another case of causing war.

2. "Helping" the kids and families that are starving by putting a coin or dollar bills into the donation boxes to help
the starved and thirsty.

3. "Enough Pollution." It's killing animals and other things that support our world by throwing a single candy wrapper or a
bottle on the ground.

4. "Water" for the dry land, and for those who are really thirsty with no beverages or water to drink. Also with no
water on their land.

5. "Shelter" for those who are cold and are living through storms with nothing to go under to keep them safe, and
have no homes to go to.

6. "Helping" the kids that have no learning center to go to. Bring them to help the children learn
and it could help them with their life. Or tutor the kids without bringing them to a school or learning center.

7. "Stopping Racism" As I said at the first one, Racism can cause war or fights and thats not good.
By stopping racism you can make differences. You would see smiles on peoples faces. You wouldn't want to
be the one who has been called racist names, so why would you do the same to others?

8. "Making" friendships. You can make friendships instead of being mean and having an enemy on your back.
Friendships are better than having an enemy, because instead of hurting, you will get compliments and smiles.

9. "Utopia" We can make a perfect world by stopping everything of the above, and possibly doing more.

10. "Unite As One." Stopping war, helping the starved, enough pollution, water, shelter, learning centers, stopping racism,
making friend ships, and have a Utopia. If we all synchronize into one, all of these things will stop, all of these things will happen.
If people are reading this and thinking it's nothing, I hoped these things helped those who truly understand what a world we live in
and what is happening now.

All these certain 10 things is what we need to do to "Make A Difference" in our world. You will see no sad faces, no anger,
frustration, stress or even killing. So if you follow these things, maybe people will actually think of putting their
trash in the garbage. Or stop racism and compliment. To make a perfect world, all you need to do is 10 steps,
and YOU can Make A Difference.

- Jayci

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