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In grade 4 the students of 4H learn many things with a curriculum focus on literacy. Blogging will give students an opportunity to comment and respond to their reading online, reaching a larger audience with more flexibility.

by Fer

teacher: Andrew Skinner

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Dear Mr. Andrew,

Today Im typing about a book named Alejandros Gift. This story is about lonlyness but after a while Alejandro gets friends. I hope you like this letter.

I noticed that Alejandro is a person that lives alone with no one around him and he hasnt descovered the gift Alejandros going to get. This gift is not a gift that is wraped this is a gift from the heart, that God send to Alejandro. But if you read the story you will at the end see wich gift was sended to Alejandro.

I have connections with a friend of my mom dosent have a hussbend and she lives alone but that friend has a lot of money so constructer man are making a really big enourmus house just for her. But she is a really nice aunt and I care for her a lot.

Questions I have for the author is that if Alejandro stays alone with the animals or gets a wife? Another question I have for the author is that how do you think of lonly ness insted of sad or happy or something like that?

Mr. Andrew I hope you like this letter I have typed from my heart.

Fer G!!

P.S. Mr. Andrew sorry I couldnt type the author but I did the letter in my house so I didnt rememner the author!! SORRY!!
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