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We are a Year 3 class in Australia. For most of us this is our second year blogging. We always enjoy reading other people's comments so if you are reading our blog please let us know what you think about it.

by Kendall Mead
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Reach For The Stars
On Tuesday we participated in the national reach for the stars project which involved us throwing a 20c coin at a target from a variety of distances.

targets 009

We all thought this activity was great as we had so much fun trying to get our coins to land in the middle of the target on the A. It was very hard to do though. We graphed our results using excel so expect to see them here soon. 
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I had heaps of fun blogging with my class in 2008 and will be blogging with my Year 3 class this year. We still have a lot to learn so please keep checking back for our updates.
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