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Hepatitis; a Yellow Horror

Dr. A.S.


Imagine that you’re sitting on near an island in Africa. You find a half eaten sandwich and it looks sooooo good! You can’t resist temptation and take a bite of the sandwich. However, you forget that you have massive allergies and since it tastes soooo good, you start eating the whole thing! Uh oh… this is bad because the next morning you wake up finding that your skin and eyes turned yellow! Boy are you shocked! Imagine you are also loosing appetite, feeling dizzy, and finding out that you have very, very high fever! Well, looks like this is the first step that leads you on a journey to discover hepatitis.

Job of a Cardiologist

I am a cardiologist. I am a doctor that specializes in solving Problems that have to do with the cardiovascular system. For example if you have hepatitis I might be able to help you. I specialize in hepatitis (hep-at-ty-tis) 

Job of the Circulatory System

The job of the circulatory (Cirk-ulat-ory) system is to transport oxygen and food through your body and it also takes away waste. The parts of

the circulatory system are the heart, the blood, and the vessels. The heart pumps blood through your body. The blood transports oxygen through your body. The vessels function like roads.

 What it Does to your Liver

The liver cleans the blood. It absorbs food and oxygen. The problem with hepatitis is that it affects the liver. It stops the liver from working well. Hepatitis makes the liver dirty and it stops absorbing the food.

Did you know that Mr. Andre got hepatitis in the year 2009


Hepatitis is a liver disease. The problem with having hepatitis is that it swells the liver due to an infection or an injury. If you have a very high fever, and your skin is turning yellow, you probably would have hepatitis.



Did you know that Steven Tyler had hepatitis for 7 months?

What hepatitis does

Hepatitis A makes you have rashes, fever, and weight loss. Hepatitis B makes you have cramps, excessive pain, itching, and dizziness. Hepatitis C makes you have yellow skin and yellow eyes, nausea, headaches, and sleep disturbances. Hepatitis D makes you have mood swings and some other stuff above because you can only get hepatitis D if you get hepatitis A, B, and C.

How you get it

You get hepatitis if you travel to tropical regions one after the other. Also if you drink contaminated (Chon-ta-min-ated) water or eat contaminated food. Hepatitis is also caused by major allergies, for example if you are allergic to peanuts and you eat them, there is a slight possibility you can get hepatitis. Hepatitis is contagious, so stay away from people who have it. Don’t take medications from other people. Go to the doctor and take medications from them because they are experts and they know what’s right for you!

How to treat it

If you ever get hepatitis you have to run to the hospital immediately!

At the hospital, the doctors would need to operate your liver depending on

What type of hepatitis you have. There is no medication however there is a

Vaccine you can take yearly to avoid getting hepatitis.


Did you know that Anne Marie Ballowe had hepatitis during a movie she was acting in?


So hepatitis is not a disease that leads to death, but it is still sivir. Even though you won’t have it forever, you will still, remember the day you had it if you did have it. Don‘t worry, there is and always will be a cure for hepatitis!



Hepatitis. Jacqueline Langwith - Greenhaven Press – 2010



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Well. i geuss i don't have to worry about getting hepatitis now will i?. :) i'm niimii from duluth minnesota, in mr.monsons class.
Posted October 12, 2011 at 01:07 PM by • Niimii E
Posted October 12, 2011 at 01:07 PM by • Niimii E
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