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Autism; the Frustration of Not Communicating



People, who can’t express themselves, get so frustrated. Eventually leads to tantrums. You can’t die from it but you wish you were dead sometimes. You think that and act like that because you have autism. You are born with the disease. You can’t get away from that disease.

Job of a Neurologist

I am a neurologist (new-rol-le-gest). I am a doctor specialized in the nervous system. I treat autism (au-tis-sim). Patients come to see me in the clinic when they suffer from autism.

 Nervous System

Autism is affecting your nervous system. What is a nervous system you ask? The nervous system controls all body activities, and it consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves. The brain and the spinal cord are part of the central nervous system. The nerves in the outer part of the body make up the peripheral nervous system. The autonomic nervous systems are the nerves that are near the center of your body and they take care of all involuntary action. The brain includes three parts; the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the brain stem. The cerebrum controls the same muscle movement, five senses, memory, voluntary movements, and thinking. The cerebellum organizes the coordination, movement, and balance. The brainstem manages the involuntary movements. The nervous system’s job is to sense things, sensory nerve cells and move things, motor nerve cell. First the sensory nerve cell senses things then the message goes through the nerve to the spinal cord and to the brain. The brain gives a command and the massage and travels back to the spinal cord to the motor nerve cell. A neuron has the dendrites that are long spidery looking long things with the cell body that is an egg looking things with an axon that is a size of a thick rope. The axon terminal is attached to the axon and sends messages to the next neuron. When you are in a life threatening or in a dangerous situation, your messages take the shortcut. The messages go to the spinal cord back to the motor nerve cells. Between the neurons are little spaces called synapse.

Did you know that autistic people have savant skills, such as multiplying 142536*3546 and they can do it mentally and they can be extremely smart in other things too?


An autistic person may be unusual in several ways. They may say a word over and over, have tantrums, flap their hands, or only play with a certain toy. They don’t like changes in their schedule and environment. They also like it when their toys are arranged in a certain way. They get upset when the toys are moved from their place. Symptoms of autism often appear when children are still babies. They don’t want to eat, they never smile or they look away when someone talks. They’re uninterested in their surroundings and they scream when they want something rather than ask.  They rock, spin, bang heads and walk on toes. They stare at hands, like only a certain toy and become sensitive on textures and in sounds.

Did you know that when you have autism you can get a seizure and cause problems in the body?  



Autism is a disability of mental growth. Autism begins before the age of four. They are born with autism. It is a genetic disease, which is passed on. It is when patients can’t socialize with other people. Autism can have a four year old body but a one year old brain. But they are not retarded.

Affecting the system

Autism affects the sensory integration. Sensory integration is how people use the information of sense coming to them. Senses deliver the picture of the world around us. Your senses coordinate to complete the understanding of what is around us, who we are, and where you are etc. Then your brain uses the information about your senses and control from the knowledge of your sensory experience. They experience the world around them different than normal people.  For example we can touch a soft thing and it can be very painful for an autistic person.

The causes

1 out of every 100 people has autism. Maybe somebody can get it because it is genetic. We don’t know what causes autism because the human brain is complicated. Males may get it more than females. You can’t get autism from one another person like flu. Autism can be affected by Rett grey matter of the brain that affects females Syndrome (A Rett syndrome is a disorder of the more commonly than males. The medical features include small hands and feet and a deceleration of the rate of head growth .Repetitive hand movements, such as wringing and putting hands into the mouth, are also observed). And Fragile x Syndrome (Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition involving changes in part of the chromosome. Autism is a common disease.


We can’t cure or treat autism, but therapists, doctors, or special teachers can help the autistics people to learn how to speak, write, and blend in with other people. When you go to a special school, the earlier, the better. Therapist helps autistic people to communicate with “normal” people. Communication is the most important step for learning. When you learn how to communicate, the easier things are going to be for them. Some way or another they are going to talk. Therapist also help autistic people learn how to greet people, wait for a turn, and follow directions, these are called social skills. Some kids need help with things like brushing their teeth or making a bed. Some kids take medication, because they can’t control their temper, sit still, and their behavior. Till now there is no cure for autism.

Even though autism can’t be cured, you can treat the frustration. You can do something to help them. And although you can’t understand them you can donate money so scientists can discover more about.

Did you know that the word autism comes from the Greek word “auto” which means self and Eugen Bleuler: a Swiss Psychiatrist used the word autism first?


Brill, Marlene Targ. Autism. New York: Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2008.








A note to the parents:

This integrated science/language arts work was researched, written, typed and formatted by your child, in cooperation with the computer teacher (typing, formatting, internet research and bibliography), the librarians (research skills, paraphrasing, bibliography) and the homeroom teacher (research skills, paraphrasing, expository writing. We hope you are too.

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