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Mad Cow Disease: Bovine Death Threat



You might like beef. But the next bight you take might be the end of your life. The disease you might get is Mad Cow Disease (MCD) also Known as Creutsfelt-Jacob Disease (CJD). That is because the man who first discovered MCD is named Jacob Creutsfelt. You will know if you have MCD!


My Job

I am a neurologist. That means I specialize in diseases in the nervous system. I someone has a disease in the nervous I may be able to cure it. I deal with patients in my clinic


Job of the Nervous System

The nervous system controls all actions in your body. It does to by sending messages to your body using the spinal cord. If you damage your spinal cord your messages will cut off from your body and you will be paralyzed. The brain is divided into three parts. The cerebrum takes up 85-90% of your brain. It controls your memory and your 5 senses. The cerebellum controls your coordination. And the brain stem it takes care of all involuntary actions.

CNS: Are the brain and the spinal cord.

PNS: nerves that go to the outer part of your body.

Did you know that MCD is also known as CJD?

ANS: the nerves that go to the inner part of your body.

The Symptoms

MCD is a very deadly and fatal disease. The disease is quick because you will die within six months of the first symptom. At the beginning of the disease you will seem more nervous than usual. You will also have trouble walking. Later you will be aggressive and uncooperative. The symptoms of animals that have MCD are the same.

The problem

MCD also known as CJD is a deadly disease. It affects the system in a drastic way. Holes will appear in your brain giving it a spongy like look. This happens because the neurons in your brain will eventually die. MCD is caused by prions. Prions are proteins that cause you to get a disease. Your body might be infected but there is a time period between the infection and when you get the disease. When prions enter your body you cannot kill them because they are not alive. Prions will spread around your nervous system, killing your nerve cells.

What does it do?

MCD is a deadly disease. MCD also Known as CJD, makes you lose your memory. It also damages your cerebellum because you will lose your balance and coordination. MCD is a very fatal disease; you will die in months or maybe even weeks. Your brain cells will die. And you will get holes in your brain which gives your brain a spongy like form.





You can acquire MCD by eating infected beef. This is caused by prions. Prions are small proteins that cause you to the disease. Prions are not alive. Prions naturally accure in your body, so they are not recognized as foreign so they don’t stimulate the immune system. They have the potential to harm you, but won’t automatically harm you.


There is no treatment to MCD. Nor is there a cure. But you can avoid it by not eating beef. There is no other way.



MCD is a very deadly disease. There is no cure or treatment. And it affects the system in a very drastic way. MCD affects the brain, the brain is part of the nervous system. There are many symptoms to MCD. MCD is a rare disease.




Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2005. Ferreiro, Carmen. Mad cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) .

A diagram of the disease


Did you know that the person who discovered MCD is called Jacob creutsfelt?

Did you know that cows with MCD eat other cows?




A diagram of prions


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