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A deadly disease with only one cure. A cure that is hard and may not be successful. That came after an injury that weekend your heart, you might make you might not. You are in a matter of life and death!!
Cardiovascular System
There are many cells in your body. The word cell (se-ll-a) comes from the Latin word cella, which means small room. Each cell has a different size and shape depending on its job. Many cells working together make a tissue. An example of a tissue is a muscle. When many tissues work together they make an organ. Your heart is an organ.
Did you know that over 5 million Americans get heart failure every year??
When many organs work together they make a system, an example of the system would be the digestive system. Many systems that work together make you! The circulatory or cardiovascular system is the system that you have a problem with. It consists of the heart, blood, and vessels. The heart is the main pump of the system. It pumps blood around the body. There are four chambers in the heart, two arteries and two ventricles. The ones on the bottom are the ventricles, and the ones on the top are the arteries. The vessels are the roads. The blood transports oxygen (ox-e-jen) and food to the cells, and takes away carbon dioxide (kar-bon-di-ox-ide) which it exchanges in the lungs for oxygen. There are many types of vessels. There are arteries (art-er-ies), veins (vai-ens), and capillaries (cap-ill-aries). Veins carry
deoxygenated or blue blood to the heart. Arteries take oxygenated (ox-i-jen-ate-ed) or red blood away from the heart. Capillaries connect the veins and arteries. So the oxygen and nutrients diffuse (di-if
f-use) into the cells. The largest artery is the aorta (ae-or-ta), it is big enough for your entire finger to fit. The heart pumps the blood then the blood goes to the lungs to pick up oxygen then it enters the heart then goes to the body to give oxygen and gather carbon dioxide, afterwards goes to the heart, from there it goes to the lungs to exchange the carbon dioxide for oxygen. Then it goes all over again.
Circulatory system
Symptoms of Heart Failure:
Heart failure has a number of symptoms. They could include shortness of breath or swelling of hands and feet, coughing and white or pink blood coming out. You will not be able to concentrate well, sudden gain of weight nausea (na-see-ya), and you will find it difficult to exercise. Yomay also get chest pain if it is caused by heart attack. If you heart failure you may die.
Did you know that you can get heart failure from eating too much salt and drinking too much water??
What is The Problem?
Systolic (sis-to-lik) heart failure is when your heart has difficulties pumping blood, because it cannot contract. If you think it is horrible there is one that is worse, the diastolic (di-a-sto-lik) heart failure. This means your heart muscles are stiff, and cannot relax to let blood get out.
The most common type of heart failure is the chronic heart failure. Over time many other conditions like, coronary artery disease will make the heart too weak to function properly and pump blood. You usually get heart failure on both sides of your heart. Though you can sometimes be lucky and get it on only one side. It has a very big effect on your circulatory system. When the heart does not pump enough blood to exceed the bodies needs or any blood at all what will deliver the blood?
How Can You Get Heart Failure?
You can get this disease if you have or had an infection that weekend your heart. For example: A heart attack (hart-att-ak) means that your coronary arteries are blocked) a heart valve disease (val-ve-dis-es), and cardiovascular disease (car-dio-vas-q-lar-dis-ees). If you have an infectioin or injury in your heart, and you drink water and eat salt together or at the same time you may get heart failure. It is most likely for old people to get though young people can get it too.
How Do You Cure Heart Failure?
You cannot really cure a heart failure. The only way to solve the problem is heart transplantation. Medication can be provided but only to stop it from getting worse. If you would like, I have listed some drugs that may help.
Did you know that in the old days pharmacists would chop up a foxglove plant to help a patient with “heart trouble”?
There is Diuretics which is known as water pills. It signals the kidney to produce more urine so the body can get rid of the waste that is backed up in the lungs, feet, and arms. This reduces the swelling of arms and feet. If you got heart failure because of drinking too much water and salt, a diuretic helps, because your body cannot digest the water with salt .So when the kidney produces more urine the water gets out. Another drug named Digitalis which is found in the Foxglove plant. What Digitalis does is it makes the heart beats stronger. You also have Hydralazine, Parzosin, and Nitroglycerin.
Heart failure is a deadly disease you don’t want to get. If you had an injury you might get it. It is very hard to cure which is why it is deadly.
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