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Mr. E's class blog. We're a fifth grade class from Connecticut and are excited to share our learning with everybody. Please look around and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or two. We'd love to read about you too!

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Once upon a time there was an amiable guy named Norbert. He loved t.v. soooooooooooo much! When he gets home he turns on the t.v. right away. His butler does his home work. Every one likes him for his money. He loves every thing about t.v. he loves the texture of the remote, he loves the consistent timing of his shows and the expeditions of channel surfing. One day he want on a jaunt through the city. He saw this awesome remote in a window of some ones condo. He climbed up the emergency exit and got the remote! He was soooo vivacious he jumped and fell off the emergency exit! He bounced on awnings and fell in a fruit stand. He ran home right away. When he got home he turned on the t.v. and changed the remotes. When he typed in the channel there was a HUGE "BANG BOOM POW!" He was transported into the t.v.! He was in the channel he typed in! There was a huge extravaganza on the channel. There was a party with balloons and cake! Than a huge black out. He screamed "HELP ME!!!!" Than a light came on there where two robots with guns. One of the robots shot and than the other shoot. Two portals appeared. Norbert jumped in one of the portals and was transported to another channel. He was in Bikini Bottom! He saw spongebob and patrick dancing. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!" Yelled Norbert. "What do you need to get out of here?" Asked patrick. "A portal." Said Norbert. "Ohhh ok." Said Spongebob. "Fallow me!" Said Patrick. Patrick led them to Goo Lagoon. "Ok the portals at the bottom of the lagoon" Said Patrick. Norbert swam to the bottom and he went in the portal. He fell to the next channel "Cartoon network". Norbert was indomitable! Norbert checked his watch. "5:30" Said Norbert. "Fosters home for imaginary friends is on." Said Norbert. He hit ground. Than he saw a light. "SHAMWOW!!!" "UHHHHHG" Said Norbert. When the infomercial was demonstrating a portal appeared. "Yes!!" Said Norbert. He ran to the portal and jumped in it. He went to NBC. He was in a dark and wet space. "OHHHHHHHH MY GAWD!" Screamed Norbert! There was a huge mouth. "Hey a portal." Said Norbert. Norbert swam to the portal and went in it. He was on sport center... Wait a minuet... WOAH! Albert Puhols hit a homer! Than a portal appeared on 3rd base. Norbert ran and slid into the portal. He fell in and he was falling. He saw a portal! He fell in it. Than landed on some letters. Than a voice said "Lets have fun...With Science!" Than he felt something on his hand. He woke up. The remote was sinking into his skin! He ran to the window he stole it from and put it back. He learned a valuable lesson. Don't steal or some one will get hurt!
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