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Mr. E's class blog. We're a fifth grade class from Connecticut and are excited to share our learning with everybody. Please look around and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or two. We'd love to read about you too!

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i'm reading the book Frindle. There is a boy Nick Allen who has all these crazy ideas like in 3rd grade he decided to turn his classroom into a beach but when he did it the teacher didn't care just the principle did! In 4th grade he made a loud peeep i the classroom and kept doing it until finally the teacher blamed it on somebody who didn't do it and then he got that girl to do it to!! When I was reading I asked the question do the teachers like his ideas? This year Nick is going into 5th grade. Everybody talks about how the 5th grade teacher Mrs. Granger is. I wonder if she really is that bad though! I predict if Nick tries to do one of his ideas then mrs. Granger will catch him and he will get in trouble. I also infer that Mrs. Granger will be mean at first but once you get to know her and follow her rules she will be a lot nicer and Nick will have a lot of fun with her!!! I can't wait to keep reading!!!
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