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There once was a family of five. They were very tough they weren’t scared of languishing n a cold dark foggy dungeon. The family were very rich and very scary. They were the most worthy person in New York but not the most wanted person. The family’s names were, Tom, Tina, Anna and Benjamin.
Tom came home from work to see his wife and kids making a big party. Tom was so surprised he didn’t even remember it was his birthday. His present was a trip to the bluff in NZ. When the family arrived they were shocked. It was so amazing. The windows were framed with cotton clover. The cotton was a beautiful colour of green. There was a beach down below the house. The family started to relax in their cabin. Well it could be a house. The family had a big debate about where to go first. Anna chose to go shopping but Benjamin to go to the skateboard park but he parents wanted to go to the beach. Well the beach won the debate so the family walked to the beach. When the family were nearly there they saw the most ugliest scarecrow ever seen. When the family saw the scarecrow they were scared, very scared indeed. There were no words to explain it.
The scarecrow was in an old tatty cornfield with tatty corn in it. The corn still looked like ti could still be eaten. So the family picked as many as they could. They thought they scarecrow was going to get them. When the family got home the mum, dad, Benjamin went shopping. But for some reason Anna stayed home. When the family left Anna watched TV until… the phone rings in the kitchen. Anna runs to answer the phone. When she answered she could only hear hard breathing. She hangs up. She is a bit worried but she just went up to the TV and turned it on. She just sat down but then the TV cuts out. Then there’s a knock on the door. Anna answers the door but no-one’s there. Anna runs upstairs to call her parents but no-one answers so she runs downstairs…. Anna was so scared to see the scarecrow looking through the window. Anna was so terrified she screamed as loud as she could . Anna’s Anna answers parents phone. all she could hear was laughing.

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